August 31, 2013

Boxcar Children Hat Design

I really enjoyed creating this work and have been sitting on sharing it for so very long. It is a design adapted from the old Boxcar Children Wood Block prints for a new ball cap design for our Ultimate Frisbee team. They were recently unveiled this past week at practice so feel that I can finally share this work. I am so happy with the end result that Suzanne as able to achieve. From the word go she had a great idea and faith in my ability to act as a muse about the old wood block print idea/concept for the hats and armed with my work she insured that they became a finished product. I love the way the whole project turned out and thankful for her artistic musing and hard work that saw the hats through to completion. I'll wear mine till it falls apart; in truth It's long past time to retire my last Sandfleas hat.

For those interested, Boxcar will be heading to Mixed Sectionals in Chapel Hill this up coming weekend so everyone is rip with anticipation of how the team will fair. It's been a great season thus far and we've come so far already, winning our first tourney in Boxcar history and playing as a well oiled cohesive team. Only time will tell if we can win our place into Mixed Regionals held in Alabama at the end of September.  

Details: Ink pen on drawing paper. 

In other news this is my 100th post, it has been great sharing so many pieces of my work with you all and I truly appreciate the support that I have received. Thank you friends, family and greater artistic community. 

August 29, 2013

plastic cup

*This polypropylene cup uses 15% less plastic and creates
45% fewer carbon emissions than a cup made of PET.*