January 23, 2013

Camper of the Skys

This tree house is to all you modern fending kids out there. Most of my works seem to be somewhat tip towards the rustic in style/nature. Decided to stepping out a touch and playing with recreating a metallic/steel material. Which was fun since haven't tried while working with pen in a long while. 

As I was working on it had a strong feeling/connection to one of those 60s pull behind campers but then again that might just be me. I am happy with the out come and love the Doctor Seuss style hat to this little tree house home.

January 20, 2013

Cottage of the Sky

I started working on creating new tree house works, this is the second of the two newest siblings. They make me happiest and I've had some request for new ones.

Details: Sketchbook paper, ink pen

January 13, 2013


Been working way too much the past week, to took me a full week to finish this drawing. Granted was kind of struggling with my perspective of Red but still shouldn't have taken me that long. Will try to do better. Let me know what you think about Red taking to the seas. 

Details: sketch book, ink pen.

January 12, 2013


Home version one, planning on rework this concept really love this one but feel that it could be a touch more interesting and the perspective feels a little off to me. Let me know what you think and if anyone else has ideas of which direction to take the rework.

Details: sketch book, ink pen and color pencil.

January 09, 2013


As promised and possibly eagerly awaited my character study of Red. Possibly a more modern take on the young woman but I feel a little closer to truth of charter. Thank you Danny, for working as my photographer.

Details: Ink pen, color pencil on sketch book paper.

January 07, 2013

Red Watch's City

It's been a wild and woolie couple of months, with the gaining a new exciting job, quitting an old one, moving and then finding my new job not to be so perfect. Being fired and lucky enough to find two very part time gigs to pay the bills for a while. 

I am back and with the help of my sweet boy who was kind enough to give a gentle nudge I am back to drawing. (Trying rebuild ones confidence.) All in all I am happy with one of my newest creations. I have been working on my own version of Little Red Riding Hood. This is her second appearance in my hand-dandy new sketch book. The first being a character study which will hopefully one day appear. It's been fun none the less and I hope someone finds joy in my newer works as I work to have a positive happier outlook this year.

I do always find its interesting that when artist create cityscapes no matter the time frame it's  all new construction or lovely old worn buildings. Hardly a mix which is funny because in the world in which we live is most certainly a mix.  Good or bad it becomes part of our world so why not allow that to inform our envisioned cityscapes?

Details: sketchbook paper, ink pen and color pencil.