December 23, 2011


Funny thing when ever I am asked about where is home something like this is what comes to mind.  My folks moved when I was in college to what some days feels like the edge of the map.  They live outside of a nice little community.  In the middle of 27 acres mostly surrounded by cow-pastures and Christmas tree farms.  When they first bought the land and were setting to build Google maps showed forest on its best days.  My dad always kidded about living on the edge of the world, where dragons roam.  It makes me sad not to be able to travel home this year, where there is always great food, cooler climate, and loved ones.

December 22, 2011


I love it when I create a project thats something a little different from my more "typical" works and everyone immediately knows what it is.  I created this beautiful little wire dancer for a semi-home made gift exchange that I went to for the holidays.  It was a whole heap of fun especially since we have for the most part scared to the wind.

December 21, 2011

cola bottle


It's been raining cat's and dogs all day.  Makes it hard on people dropping off and picking up cars here at the auto shop.  Though we have been really lucky this year and have something going on all the time.  Have been sitting waiting on customers and in-between creating invoices and ordering parts drew a sketch of my Coca-Cola bottle.  With hopes that it will be sunny tomorrow so that my head will stop hurting and my mood vastly improved.

December 19, 2011

Tree House Village (re-post)

As promised I added some color to the original tree house village.  It certainly adds something not sure which version I like best.

December 16, 2011

Double fun

For this creation I decided to play with two trees and felt there need to be some connection between the two.  I know that my parents had a pulley system running from the back of our house to our tree house and it was the coolest thing to get lunch/snack sent over via pulley system.

December 13, 2011

Club House

For whatever reason this tree house demanded to have a slide and I feel like it is product of the 90's.  I can't even count how many movies from that period that have boys hanging out and having sleepovers in a neighborhood club house.  Though Sandlot still holds a special place in my heart.

December 12, 2011

Bird Like

For whatever reason, these turned out to look more bird house than tree house.  Love them all the same.  Lets just fly away into the sunset.

December 11, 2011

Open Air

Another tree house design.  This one is a lot more open with lots of look out platforms.   Making easier for tree houses to transform into a pirate ship with a little imagination.

December 09, 2011


One day I'll have a yard, so that I can build a tree house for a study/studio and it will be glorious!  I feel like it would look something like this, with an elaborate pulley system to allow for me to move my crazy projects and proposals around.  Also allowing for lots of different projects to be undertaken in different settings without the hassle and mess of cleaning up each time I change train of thought. Who doesn't want to be creative, adventures and inventive in a place separate from the everyday?

Techincal details:  ink pen on white printer paper.

Tree House Village

I guess it's getting cooler in the great state of North Carolina.  With this comes a child like wonder as a new bare world is presented to us all.  To start, I have an overwhelming love for tree houses. Love the idea of play and creativity that comes with the imagination of playing in a tree house.  Being part of a secret club, that is separate  from the world.  I know my brothers and my childhood tree house still holds a dear place in my heart.  (The knowledge that it no longer stands brings a tear to my eye.)  The challenge of creating a perfect house with all the right dynamic parts for a child, and the idea that it is embodied in a specific perfect tree is wonderful.  Even better is the knowledge that it is home to inspiring imagination and love of the great outdoors.  I feel this is the starting point of why man wished to join the birds in the sky.  To live and thrive above all the rest and truly sore in the clouds.  

This is the first I am afraid of many tree house drawings to come. As well as the first version of the drawing above, I am hoping to add some green leaves to give a little more depth of field.  (Pictures to come later if successful.)  I had a great need to create a tree house village so that each home would look as different as any "normal neighborhood" that rest safely on the ground.  I had a lot of fun playing with different architectural styles, using some of my formal design training. 

Technical details:  ink pen on white printing paper.

December 06, 2011

View lost

Enjoy the messiness of this work on torn scrap paper, makes the entire work even more appealing.  The chaos and topsy-turvy is due mainly to the way in which I framed and organized the drawing.  Everything has been compressed into a much smaller space, without  my allowing a real sense of perspective and balance.  All the same it was a fun activity playing with the boundaries of the depth in the drawing.


Always finds that doodling when I am allowed time to let my mind wonder is always interesting.  As much fun as it is to people watch they don't always hold still long enough for my pen to find them.  Found this little detail while gazing out the window at the consignment shop.  Though we were very busy found this and it's sister work easy enough to come back to after attending customers lazy Saturday needs and whelms. 

December 04, 2011

Side table

Been spending a little more time in my apartment lately, at the more random hours.  Finding I would really like a couple side tables for my apartment.  Would love to build and tighten up my own designed would look something like this.