March 24, 2012

Abandon battle ship

I feel that this one needs clutter to cover the floor boards of the platform.  Sorry to say got lost in the line weights and trying to get across the different textures and didn't take as much time considering what needed to happen as a work.  I can totally see a host of chairs set up like a deck and/or children's toys and furniture thrown hap hazard across the entirety of the platform.  The work is still fun; drawn more or less from an actual tree that lives in a public park downtown South Port North Carolina.  My mom was talking to me about how it would be a great inspiration for one of my tree house drawings.  As much as a pull from nature I really love to work both the tree and the structure at the same pace and allow each to inform the other.  All the same this was a fun challenge to pull from one established form to inform the other.

March 21, 2012

Where is my stapler?

Today is a absolutely beautiful day!  We've got the doors all propped open at the shop and I am only working one job; so an easy day.  Was feeling a little Office Spaces[ish] maybe its the contrast of my office and the cubical farm portrayed in the film.  I know the feeling though of the employ that got laid off and no one had the nerve to tell him.  Seems to have happened to me a couple of times with I was working temp-to hire jobs in the past.  

We have two staplers at the shop and this one is the younger of the two.  The other is really awesome looks like it was borrowed from an antic-arts show, has an old old sticker on the bottom "property of the ..... Mutual insurance co. .... New York.  Sure it's got some sort of whirl wind history attached to it;  came to our shop with one of my bosses former co-owners.  But the younger sibling is the focus of today's study, I love it cause it looks so beat up and well worn.  Like so much of the rest of the building and shop materials.  I know that he has been trying to up date the appearance of the shop but its hard when the building has been here since at lest the seventies.  

March 15, 2012

For the Adventures Soul

This one was a whole lot of fun, though I didn't know how it was going to turn out at first.  Using some wast paper for this exploration.  Really like the added dimension but not sure if I'll undertake another like it.  May be too busy and hard to read as a whole work.   Don't know why I keep creating these dare devil tree houses, that seem to tempt fate.  But guess that's a big part of the fun growing up; tempting fate.

March 10, 2012

Meet Vernon

Vernon is my oh so faithful noble steed.  Thought he deserved some reconciliation as I drive him more than he would like and wake him up so early in the morning.  He's a good steed as long as one keeps his antifreeze topped off and oil change.  He is a gray blue 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo; and works really hard to get me to and from work in just the nick of time. 

March 08, 2012


Have been a little wishy washy about posting this piece.  I think it's a fun exploration into how I start a figure project. Especially when I am creating without a person in front of me and creating from my imagination and combination of different faces that I can find on hand.  

Details;  cheap ink pen on drawing paper.

March 07, 2012

Pick Up the Phone

Another exploration of everyday things, drew this one a while back.  It's been lost and re-found a number of times feel it's time to share before it's lost once and for all.  My house phone isn't nearly as much fun as the one that I use everyday at work.  Love taking everyday objects and making them into interesting pieces.  For this post have cropped super tight allowing for the lines to play and speak a little louder.

Details;  ink pen on copy paper

March 06, 2012

Chair / Build Project

This was a really fun build project.  We were to chose an image, painting, drawing. That had a piece of furniture in it and build that piece.  I was at the time taking an art of Disney course and chose a conceptual work from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We were to use the work as a way to figure out what we could not see.  I love this piece almost as much as my nephews, who find that it is there size chair.

Details; 4"x6" pine, wood glue (only for lamenting, everything is dry fitted) dark polythene

March 04, 2012

Coffee Table / Build Project

Have been encouraged to re-post my coffee table build project from school.  I loved this project, originally created for a Urban studio project.  But found cleaned up and reworked a little to become an idea for a different small product build studio a little later in my study.  My proposal was that it would be a dinner table for an elderly couple that would living on Mars.  I did build the table in roughly half size, sitting happily as a coffee table in my living room.

Details; Bendable plywood, paint, rod iron (reused outdoor banister).

March 03, 2012

Favorite scene from a more recent drawing project.  Wasn't lucky enough to win; still really enjoyed the challenge and practice. It's always fun to have projects to play with.

Details:  Ink pen on drawing paper.