November 22, 2011


Mountain-scape was an interesting commissioned undertaking, honestly haven't done a whole lot of landscape painting since I took art lessons from Ms. Maxine.  There is a whole lot of details to the work and was fun once I got into it.   Though I do feel a mix of emotions as it reminds me of my parents home outside of Asheville NC and being on my mothers families whole sale nursery.  Hope the image reads clearly for those interested parties.

Technical details:  acrylic on 18" by 14" stretched canvas

November 20, 2011


Was working on an abstraction of an ink well for my business cards.  This one is my far and away my favorite version and decided to create a larger version.  Even if what came to be is a lot my abstract.

Technical details:  acrylic on 12" by 12" stretched canvas

November 13, 2011

Under took a somewhat different commission project more recently.  This one was requested with specific interest in World War II motorcycles.  Haven't had much experience painting motorcycles but was super excited about stepping out side of my more typical projects.  Feel pretty good about how it turned out and learned a whole lot while creating this work.  Really struggled with the scale in which to create the bike.  Feel that this is a happy size for the bike and the background to live in harmony.

Question is:  should I rework the size or any of the shadow/highlights? Delivering the work end of the week or next week?  When ever I complete it's sister landscaping project.

Technical details:  acrylic on stretched 18" x 16" canvas.

November 09, 2011


I re-found my small collection of ink bottles.  This is a quick sketch with water color, is just one of one of collection.  These much loved, lovely ink well are so tiny and colorful; begging to inspiring creativity.

Technical details:  black ink pen, water color on paper.

November 06, 2011

Street View

Another found image that thought had some potential to play with.  This work was started with the hopes of creating a mix media project.  And was a struggle don't know, don't really completely understand why but this is the third version of the same work.  Granted working around fifty hours a week recently but haven't had this much trouble envisioning a work in a long while.  Choose to include the original image, for a better understanding of why this photo drew me in.

Technical details:  black ink pen, acrylic paint, water color pencil & water on water color paper.

November 01, 2011

The Bears!

The long anticipated and awaited Bear painting!  It's been a long while in the making and to be honest completely overwhelmed with the shear size of the work and the simplicity of subject matter.  My mother requested that I create a thirty-six by twenty-four painting of a or multiple black bears.  She has had a love of them since she was a little.  Now that my parents log house is "nearly complete" she found a need for a large painting.  Had been looking for one in some magazines and then some how realized that she had me.  Afraid the photo doesn't do justice to the color quality but felt the need to share all the same;  the background is very green not nearly as blue as the image portrays.  Sorry only been able to capture images in the evening due to catatonic working scheduled.

Technician details:  acrylic on 36" by 24" stretched canvas.