August 31, 2014

Daisies III

I started this painting last weekend. That was after treating a canvas for reuse, that originally had a strange little black terror on it. My current housemates seemed to really love the original canvas as they found it airing out on our front porch airing out on a rainy Saturday. All the same I went ahead with my plans of using the canvas for my own purposes. 

As you can see (if you've been following my work as of late) it is the third insulation in my daisy. Probably my favorite so far. Due to the illusion of depth given by the smaller daisies thrown into the mix. 

Details: acrylic on canvas.  

August 20, 2014

boy digging

I've been working on a large project for the past couple of months with a friend. As I finally clean up my paint and put away my paint brushes a part of me is sad to have such an undertaking has come to a close; at lest for now.

Details: acrylic, water color and ink pen

June 28, 2014

Audrey (line drawing)

There's really been no excuses but I lost my drawing mojo and really struggling for creative juice. Went through a huge reading kick believe I've read at lest thirty books in the past two months. One of my reads was a biography about Audrey Hepburn. It's amazing how someone that is so beautiful and lovely inside and out struggles to see there own beauty. This is my struggle of a first sketch in months. It's not beautiful in the way that every line is perfect but only in the way that it's like each of us.

April 23, 2014

the great collapse

I haven't just sat down and drawn anything in so long. It's been a painful process but this sketchbook drawing is passable enough to share. I love the composer and complexity of my stacks and stacks of books some falling others standing strong. My childhood desk/bookshelf has been moved into the basement. I migrated all my books to my room just stacks upon stacks of them. With no where to go or be stored at the moment.  I hope that you enjoy my composer as much as I do as I am trying to figure what to do with them all. Some I could never part with much like old friends/memories and others are possibly heading to the used book store...  

March 23, 2014

Puppy Dog! "Give me a Kiss!"



                      I may be having too much fun at this point. 
                        This here is a originally a photo I found 
                       online and then played with Photoshop 
                        a wee bit. I always love a golden mix!

March 22, 2014

Cola Bottles Repeat

I've been hard at work and finally getting to play again. My part time gig is crazy understaffed at the moment and that was before yesterdays events so we'll see how that plays out. I strained my back and wasn't able to do much of anything for about a week. But now I am back and in black! I am ready to play and create again! Luck for me I have great friends and loving family that always supports me and all my madness. That being said a good friend of mine that I've known for ever, and I mean forever, we've been friends since running camp in middle school! (Yes I was one of those kids that went to running camp.) Helped me out and set me up with Adobe suit. 

I've been playing for the past couple of days and this is a recreation of an earl post but still a whole heap of lot of fun. I love taking every day objects and giving them some character. I am still playing with this one and there may be a cola bottle re-amp part III if I like one in particular.  As always I'd love to know what you all think and if you have any suggestions or pointers as I play and work on projects!

January 30, 2014

Daises Love

Since my last daisy painting was so much fun to create and widely well received I am hoping to work to create a Daisy series and see where this adventure through the rabbit hole leads. My desk is a mess like much of my life and I truly hope that doesn't subtract from my work but only gives an idea of scale. 

Details: acrylic on cotton stretched canvas. 

January 27, 2014

Fields of Daises & Red Poppies

So good news bad news. I started painting again and even received some free canvases to work on. Which was an interesting experience over all. I was working full time for a canvas gilcee printing group out of Raleigh. Mostly customer service stuff but did work in the production center for a couple days and for there sister company that creates invitations. Which was no fun at all and I found it is amazing what people will say to someone in email when they are upset. I digress, after the peak holiday season there were a number of canvases that out customers choose to not have printed for an assortment of reasons and were given away. I found four of assorted sizes that I could paint over. Especially since I was laid off once again, no surprise since this seems to be my thing. I have lots of free time to paint and work on projects that I wish.

This painting is whatever you like it too be; I set it up as a field of daisies and red poppies. Though my over all mood is still up beat I really needed to paint something black and really really love this work. I started a sister canvas of just daisies that is going to be red and much much smaller. Like always really appreciate your support and any input or direction. 

Thank you,

Details: cotton stretched canvas, with acrylic. 

January 24, 2014

Pink Rose

This pink pastel was created a while ago but just re-found and scanned it in on my new computer. I really love the mess nature of pastel especially this week. Since everything always seems to be a mess especially when one looks to figure out the next step. One day everything might fall into place but not today that's for sure.

Details: pastel, on water color paper.