April 17, 2012

Piece of School of Athens

Re-posting.  Since I am reaching back into some of my past works.  Here's one that came from about the same time as the outdoor school garden.  One of my favorite watercolors to date even if it didn't turn out like I had planed.  This work was part of a larger assignment, as a class we were given sections of the work 'School of Athens' and we were to make our own interpretation of our piece using whatever media we liked.  Then to piece the work back together as a whole.  Over all created an interesting piece with lots of depth and difference in color, style, background and understanding.

April 15, 2012

Conceptual Reuse Gardenscape

RE-POSTING.  This is one of my favorite works from my last full year at UNCG.  We were working with a local Greensboro school on revamping a new high school; one of the first sustainable in the nation.  It might be sustainable but not an easy space to work nor learn in.  I adopted the art room to work on and really focused a lot of energy on there out door patio.  The patio is on the south side of the building and sits about 100 feet from the visitor parking lot.  I was working to tie not only a sustainable/reuse aspect but pull in the idea of the existing environment as well.  The sunscreen above is made up of used tires, bolted into reused I-beams.  With old car parts/mufflers and the beams acting as support for the pant life.  There would also be flower pots and benches made up from junked car parts mostly bumpers/fenders.  

I really did love this part of the project and still is one of my favorite drawings.  It's a rather large drawing by the way drawn on 36" by 24" newsprint with ink pen.  (For the studio I had chosen to use a 36" by 24" newsprint pad.)

April 11, 2012

Torn Up

Been feeling a little lost and discombobulated as of late.  Was laid-off not only once but twice end of last week.  Lucky to still be working but don't know how I'll pay my bills.  

I've had this part of a drawing for a while.  Had been working on a full ink drawing but got lost on the other half and ended up getting frustrated and ripped the drawing into to pieces.  This part still made since but just a part of the whole.  Feel like my life is sort of along the same path right now.  Don't know where I am going or what I'll do; where's my other half?  Original idea was to lay it out on black paper so that you could see the rips.  Feel like hiding that aspect is a little more suiting right now.

April 06, 2012

B Ball Logo

It's been awhile; promise haven't completely abandon you all.  Been really excited about this t shirt design and have been wanting to share it for a good while.  Been putting off posting it in hopes of giving a friend of mine time to unveil the surprise first ever Levin JCC Basketball league shirts.  Like always let me know what you think.