September 11, 2013

paint brush follow UP

As a follow up to my previous post, here is the same paint brush work all gussied up in it's best dress and makeup. I had a lot of fun playing with color and feel that this work gives scope of my mess life right now. By the way had a wonderfully creative productive day off yesterday; things are looking up.

Details: pencil, ink pen, acrylic on notebook paper.

August 31, 2013

Boxcar Children Hat Design

I really enjoyed creating this work and have been sitting on sharing it for so very long. It is a design adapted from the old Boxcar Children Wood Block prints for a new ball cap design for our Ultimate Frisbee team. They were recently unveiled this past week at practice so feel that I can finally share this work. I am so happy with the end result that Suzanne as able to achieve. From the word go she had a great idea and faith in my ability to act as a muse about the old wood block print idea/concept for the hats and armed with my work she insured that they became a finished product. I love the way the whole project turned out and thankful for her artistic musing and hard work that saw the hats through to completion. I'll wear mine till it falls apart; in truth It's long past time to retire my last Sandfleas hat.

For those interested, Boxcar will be heading to Mixed Sectionals in Chapel Hill this up coming weekend so everyone is rip with anticipation of how the team will fair. It's been a great season thus far and we've come so far already, winning our first tourney in Boxcar history and playing as a well oiled cohesive team. Only time will tell if we can win our place into Mixed Regionals held in Alabama at the end of September.  

Details: Ink pen on drawing paper. 

In other news this is my 100th post, it has been great sharing so many pieces of my work with you all and I truly appreciate the support that I have received. Thank you friends, family and greater artistic community. 

August 29, 2013

plastic cup

*This polypropylene cup uses 15% less plastic and creates
45% fewer carbon emissions than a cup made of PET.*

June 26, 2013

Green House Within the Trees

A little wrinkled, since it took a trip to the lake before being completed. This one was a tricky one restarted  twice before getting the layout on the page almost right. Wish I had worked a little larger; though it frames the page nicely. 

I feel that its work is more like a green house living above the rest; rather than a purely playful tree house. This one is freshly on my Etsy shop, if you would like a copy be sure to pick it up before I run out only making so many prints.

Details: Ink pen, paper.

June 24, 2013

Bear to Water Color

This little guy is so cute with his little bear belly hang out. 

Details: Ink Pen, water color on paper.

June 21, 2013

Stepping Out into The Unknown

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to announce the reopening of sweet pink ink pen Etsy shop. Right now I am focusing my efforts on my tree house prints. I don't know anyone else right now that is creating such works and interested to see if people are really interested in my creative adventures.

They make me so happy and feel a great need to share joy and sense of creative adventure with others. Please take a peak and let me know what you think and if there is a work that you love that you don't see on my shop yet let me know that as well. It's still a work in process but feel that I have a number of works up to get the ball rolling. My hope is that it will inspire some adventures souls to step out into there childlike imagination once again especially if that person has lost that sense of wonderment. 

And for something completely different and because I feel the need to share a work with each posting here is an older drawing of my topsy-tervy muffin experiment. A favorite quick drawing that I created one chilly morning last October. 

June 20, 2013


Feeling a little rough around the edges but still love this work. Another work pulled from my homemade sketchbook hence the odd shape of the page. 

Had this amazing urge to use color again, I know amazing... I was strongly encouraged when I was a much younger artist to pick out the actual colors in my subject matter. That nothing was black or solidly one color to see the beauty in the play between light and dark. Shadows are rarely gray but takes on a darker shade of whatever is around it. 

Details: Color pencil, ink pen on Bristol board. 

June 19, 2013

Lily x2

So these are from a good while ago if your note the date, just got my scanner issue under control. They are included in my home made sketch book creation. Sorry about the delay since my last works were shared its been an intense couple of months and my life may or may not been flipped over couple times over.

Something I do love is to take the same subject matter and redraw using a different style. Seems to give me a better perceptive of the same subject. These are the result of an intense Lily cutting study that I undertook shortly after moving to Chapel Hill. They were the most lovely color purple and couldn't bring myself to undertake the daunting task of rendering them up to the level that I wanted with the media that I could find in my bag.

Details: Sketch book, graph-paper and sketch paper, marker, highlighter, ink pen.

February 12, 2013

Pentagon Tree House

Its been a weird sort of week thus far. Though I did get free chocolate covered espresso beans yesterday. Score one for me but over all strange week. All the same I'll add my latest greatest tree house drawing and see what happens. 

Thank you to everyone that's been so supportive the past couple of months/years.

Details: Ink pen on paper.

February 06, 2013

Family Tree House

I feel that this tree house would be similar to one that my father would make with the help of my brothers and myself. Its simple in design and seems to dare a mothers since of reality that no one will be harmed while clamoring up and down in playing. Which adds to the adventure in the climbing.

Details: Ink on paper.

February 05, 2013

Birds Nest Tree House

This one has to be one of my favorites so far I love the way the spiraling stair case worked out. No matter what my design professors say about spiraling stair cases. The platform and actual tree house turned out better than I had expected which was a pleasant surprise and the composition as a whole makes me happy.

Details: Ink of paper.

February 04, 2013

Double Decker Tree House

Haven't been in the best of moods as of late, we'll blame it on the weather and high stress levels. All the same here's one of the four tree houses I've been working on as of late. Please enjoy; even if it feels a little off balance.

Details: Ink pen on paper.

January 23, 2013

Camper of the Skys

This tree house is to all you modern fending kids out there. Most of my works seem to be somewhat tip towards the rustic in style/nature. Decided to stepping out a touch and playing with recreating a metallic/steel material. Which was fun since haven't tried while working with pen in a long while. 

As I was working on it had a strong feeling/connection to one of those 60s pull behind campers but then again that might just be me. I am happy with the out come and love the Doctor Seuss style hat to this little tree house home.

January 20, 2013

Cottage of the Sky

I started working on creating new tree house works, this is the second of the two newest siblings. They make me happiest and I've had some request for new ones.

Details: Sketchbook paper, ink pen

January 13, 2013


Been working way too much the past week, to took me a full week to finish this drawing. Granted was kind of struggling with my perspective of Red but still shouldn't have taken me that long. Will try to do better. Let me know what you think about Red taking to the seas. 

Details: sketch book, ink pen.

January 12, 2013


Home version one, planning on rework this concept really love this one but feel that it could be a touch more interesting and the perspective feels a little off to me. Let me know what you think and if anyone else has ideas of which direction to take the rework.

Details: sketch book, ink pen and color pencil.

January 09, 2013


As promised and possibly eagerly awaited my character study of Red. Possibly a more modern take on the young woman but I feel a little closer to truth of charter. Thank you Danny, for working as my photographer.

Details: Ink pen, color pencil on sketch book paper.

January 07, 2013

Red Watch's City

It's been a wild and woolie couple of months, with the gaining a new exciting job, quitting an old one, moving and then finding my new job not to be so perfect. Being fired and lucky enough to find two very part time gigs to pay the bills for a while. 

I am back and with the help of my sweet boy who was kind enough to give a gentle nudge I am back to drawing. (Trying rebuild ones confidence.) All in all I am happy with one of my newest creations. I have been working on my own version of Little Red Riding Hood. This is her second appearance in my hand-dandy new sketch book. The first being a character study which will hopefully one day appear. It's been fun none the less and I hope someone finds joy in my newer works as I work to have a positive happier outlook this year.

I do always find its interesting that when artist create cityscapes no matter the time frame it's  all new construction or lovely old worn buildings. Hardly a mix which is funny because in the world in which we live is most certainly a mix.  Good or bad it becomes part of our world so why not allow that to inform our envisioned cityscapes?

Details: sketchbook paper, ink pen and color pencil.