June 19, 2013

Lily x2

So these are from a good while ago if your note the date, just got my scanner issue under control. They are included in my home made sketch book creation. Sorry about the delay since my last works were shared its been an intense couple of months and my life may or may not been flipped over couple times over.

Something I do love is to take the same subject matter and redraw using a different style. Seems to give me a better perceptive of the same subject. These are the result of an intense Lily cutting study that I undertook shortly after moving to Chapel Hill. They were the most lovely color purple and couldn't bring myself to undertake the daunting task of rendering them up to the level that I wanted with the media that I could find in my bag.

Details: Sketch book, graph-paper and sketch paper, marker, highlighter, ink pen.

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