January 26, 2012

Der Wagen Haus

Had a brain storm the other night when I couldn't sleep, counting down the hours to 5 am and having to get up for work.  Thought about one of my jobs and there lack of a real logo for the shop.  Devised and developed this half in my sleep and the rest worked out on paper shown here.  If he every choose to take this work on as a logo would want to clean it up a good deal and refresh a cleaner font in the actual drawing at the very lest.  Hope you all enjoy it, don't believe my boss is even looking for a logo but it was a fun activity to keep my brain going.

January 22, 2012

idea for logo contest

A good friend of mine sent me a logo contest saying that I should enter.  It's for the area Youth Ultimate Frisbee group in the greater triangle area.  A great group that is working to reach out to kids and have a positive impact on there lives.  Where as I love this idea don't know where it will fall within the pack, a big requirement was it needed to have something to do with North Carolina so they could use the same logo in different usage.  I chose to up the two players in front of a Raleigh skyline don't know if it reads that way easily.

I love both of these design, maybe even the smaller version a little more so.  Over all It was a exploration of using negative space as positive.  One thing I love about the larger logo is that it can be placed across the chest of the jersey or along the bottom on the front or back.  The smaller version I feel would be really cool placed right adjusted and run the entire side of the torso but could also be centered as well.

January 13, 2012

January 09, 2012

Winged III

Sorry it's been awhile to my loyal following, the holiday schedule and all that has happened at the years has thrown me for a loop.  Actually had a weekend off to start the new full year, which was a nice change of passe.  Allowing me to catch up on life, a logo contest that I am hoping to enter and most importantly painting.  (Will share my logo entry once I get it a little more under control and the deadline passes.)

My latest and greatest butterfly winged project.  This one is a little different instead of being on a rectangle stretched canvas it's on a 12" by 12" square.   Though it is a beautiful brown butterfly wing.  It was taken from a completely different photo than the other brown winged work.  I love these there is something fun and mysteries about them, a new story told as a part of the whole. Something just keeps drawing me back to this idea, plus I am sure a break from tree-houses is a welcome change.  

Let me know what you think I welcome the feed back.