January 22, 2012

idea for logo contest

A good friend of mine sent me a logo contest saying that I should enter.  It's for the area Youth Ultimate Frisbee group in the greater triangle area.  A great group that is working to reach out to kids and have a positive impact on there lives.  Where as I love this idea don't know where it will fall within the pack, a big requirement was it needed to have something to do with North Carolina so they could use the same logo in different usage.  I chose to up the two players in front of a Raleigh skyline don't know if it reads that way easily.

I love both of these design, maybe even the smaller version a little more so.  Over all It was a exploration of using negative space as positive.  One thing I love about the larger logo is that it can be placed across the chest of the jersey or along the bottom on the front or back.  The smaller version I feel would be really cool placed right adjusted and run the entire side of the torso but could also be centered as well.

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