January 21, 2015

Bear Fort

I haven't had a whole lot of luck drawing pine tree's in the past. This was the day to change all that. Being a good southern girl I typically would chose a set of Black Bears. My mom loves these lovely, timid, fierce creatures.

Details; ballpoint pen on paper

January 20, 2015


Playing with different ideas of reuse with my last drawing throw open the doors. Using doors in substitute for solid walls makes perfect since being a tree house. Being of an inquiring mind I wanted to create a tree house using doors as the platform. Think just how interesting to be able to stand on a glass section of the floor and see what's going on below. All the while surrounded by all the different old doors of different weights and dimensions that have come together to create a whole. Understandably not very practical for a tree house since the glass sections would have to be reinforced and/or very thick glass to hold anyone but all the same. 

So if you will lets turn the world a little and walk on the doors and glass windows as shelter. 

Details: ballpoint ink pen on paper

January 14, 2015

Spinning to the Top of the World

This is for all those who miss the sunshine on there faces and the wind at there back. Seems that it's been a cold and damp winter thus far. The dampness is sinking into my bones and don't know if I'll ever warm up. 

I do have to admit it's been a good long while since I've been able and/or willing to sit at my drawing table. I've moved since my last post, started a second job, traded in my car that kept catching on fire and was blessed to be able to leave Starbucks for a full time retail gig. All of this seemed to send me spinning in a tizzy and I've since then been trying desperately to regain my center. 

Details: ballpoint ink pen on paper