August 31, 2014

Daisies III

I started this painting last weekend. That was after treating a canvas for reuse, that originally had a strange little black terror on it. My current housemates seemed to really love the original canvas as they found it airing out on our front porch airing out on a rainy Saturday. All the same I went ahead with my plans of using the canvas for my own purposes. 

As you can see (if you've been following my work as of late) it is the third insulation in my daisy. Probably my favorite so far. Due to the illusion of depth given by the smaller daisies thrown into the mix. 

Details: acrylic on canvas.  

August 20, 2014

boy digging

I've been working on a large project for the past couple of months with a friend. As I finally clean up my paint and put away my paint brushes a part of me is sad to have such an undertaking has come to a close; at lest for now.

Details: acrylic, water color and ink pen