January 09, 2012

Winged III

Sorry it's been awhile to my loyal following, the holiday schedule and all that has happened at the years has thrown me for a loop.  Actually had a weekend off to start the new full year, which was a nice change of passe.  Allowing me to catch up on life, a logo contest that I am hoping to enter and most importantly painting.  (Will share my logo entry once I get it a little more under control and the deadline passes.)

My latest and greatest butterfly winged project.  This one is a little different instead of being on a rectangle stretched canvas it's on a 12" by 12" square.   Though it is a beautiful brown butterfly wing.  It was taken from a completely different photo than the other brown winged work.  I love these there is something fun and mysteries about them, a new story told as a part of the whole. Something just keeps drawing me back to this idea, plus I am sure a break from tree-houses is a welcome change.  

Let me know what you think I welcome the feed back.

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