January 26, 2012

Der Wagen Haus

Had a brain storm the other night when I couldn't sleep, counting down the hours to 5 am and having to get up for work.  Thought about one of my jobs and there lack of a real logo for the shop.  Devised and developed this half in my sleep and the rest worked out on paper shown here.  If he every choose to take this work on as a logo would want to clean it up a good deal and refresh a cleaner font in the actual drawing at the very lest.  Hope you all enjoy it, don't believe my boss is even looking for a logo but it was a fun activity to keep my brain going.


  1. Very nice job on the text here! You've got an amazing attention to detail!

  2. Thank you Suzanne. This one was so much fun especially since it was mostly from memory; a fun project to get my mind moving.