February 12, 2013

Pentagon Tree House

Its been a weird sort of week thus far. Though I did get free chocolate covered espresso beans yesterday. Score one for me but over all strange week. All the same I'll add my latest greatest tree house drawing and see what happens. 

Thank you to everyone that's been so supportive the past couple of months/years.

Details: Ink pen on paper.


  1. So impressed by your lines and shading. Especially on tree!

  2. I may call you when I decide to build a tree house in my house :) Love the drawings! Do they take you long?

  3. Thanks guys! They don't take terribly long, some longer than others typically a couple hours. From brainstorming, first outline, finalizing lines and shading. I really love mixing random stroke with hatching and crosshatching feel that it gives the work a layering of texture and depth. I need to thank Noveme for making us draw all those cubes with random stroke in class.