April 15, 2012

Conceptual Reuse Gardenscape

RE-POSTING.  This is one of my favorite works from my last full year at UNCG.  We were working with a local Greensboro school on revamping a new high school; one of the first sustainable in the nation.  It might be sustainable but not an easy space to work nor learn in.  I adopted the art room to work on and really focused a lot of energy on there out door patio.  The patio is on the south side of the building and sits about 100 feet from the visitor parking lot.  I was working to tie not only a sustainable/reuse aspect but pull in the idea of the existing environment as well.  The sunscreen above is made up of used tires, bolted into reused I-beams.  With old car parts/mufflers and the beams acting as support for the pant life.  There would also be flower pots and benches made up from junked car parts mostly bumpers/fenders.  

I really did love this part of the project and still is one of my favorite drawings.  It's a rather large drawing by the way drawn on 36" by 24" newsprint with ink pen.  (For the studio I had chosen to use a 36" by 24" newsprint pad.)

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