January 27, 2014

Fields of Daises & Red Poppies

So good news bad news. I started painting again and even received some free canvases to work on. Which was an interesting experience over all. I was working full time for a canvas gilcee printing group out of Raleigh. Mostly customer service stuff but did work in the production center for a couple days and for there sister company that creates invitations. Which was no fun at all and I found it is amazing what people will say to someone in email when they are upset. I digress, after the peak holiday season there were a number of canvases that out customers choose to not have printed for an assortment of reasons and were given away. I found four of assorted sizes that I could paint over. Especially since I was laid off once again, no surprise since this seems to be my thing. I have lots of free time to paint and work on projects that I wish.

This painting is whatever you like it too be; I set it up as a field of daisies and red poppies. Though my over all mood is still up beat I really needed to paint something black and really really love this work. I started a sister canvas of just daisies that is going to be red and much much smaller. Like always really appreciate your support and any input or direction. 

Thank you,

Details: cotton stretched canvas, with acrylic. 

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