November 01, 2011

The Bears!

The long anticipated and awaited Bear painting!  It's been a long while in the making and to be honest completely overwhelmed with the shear size of the work and the simplicity of subject matter.  My mother requested that I create a thirty-six by twenty-four painting of a or multiple black bears.  She has had a love of them since she was a little.  Now that my parents log house is "nearly complete" she found a need for a large painting.  Had been looking for one in some magazines and then some how realized that she had me.  Afraid the photo doesn't do justice to the color quality but felt the need to share all the same;  the background is very green not nearly as blue as the image portrays.  Sorry only been able to capture images in the evening due to catatonic working scheduled.

Technician details:  acrylic on 36" by 24" stretched canvas.

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