March 24, 2012

Abandon battle ship

I feel that this one needs clutter to cover the floor boards of the platform.  Sorry to say got lost in the line weights and trying to get across the different textures and didn't take as much time considering what needed to happen as a work.  I can totally see a host of chairs set up like a deck and/or children's toys and furniture thrown hap hazard across the entirety of the platform.  The work is still fun; drawn more or less from an actual tree that lives in a public park downtown South Port North Carolina.  My mom was talking to me about how it would be a great inspiration for one of my tree house drawings.  As much as a pull from nature I really love to work both the tree and the structure at the same pace and allow each to inform the other.  All the same this was a fun challenge to pull from one established form to inform the other.

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