March 21, 2012

Where is my stapler?

Today is a absolutely beautiful day!  We've got the doors all propped open at the shop and I am only working one job; so an easy day.  Was feeling a little Office Spaces[ish] maybe its the contrast of my office and the cubical farm portrayed in the film.  I know the feeling though of the employ that got laid off and no one had the nerve to tell him.  Seems to have happened to me a couple of times with I was working temp-to hire jobs in the past.  

We have two staplers at the shop and this one is the younger of the two.  The other is really awesome looks like it was borrowed from an antic-arts show, has an old old sticker on the bottom "property of the ..... Mutual insurance co. .... New York.  Sure it's got some sort of whirl wind history attached to it;  came to our shop with one of my bosses former co-owners.  But the younger sibling is the focus of today's study, I love it cause it looks so beat up and well worn.  Like so much of the rest of the building and shop materials.  I know that he has been trying to up date the appearance of the shop but its hard when the building has been here since at lest the seventies.  

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