December 09, 2011

Tree House Village

I guess it's getting cooler in the great state of North Carolina.  With this comes a child like wonder as a new bare world is presented to us all.  To start, I have an overwhelming love for tree houses. Love the idea of play and creativity that comes with the imagination of playing in a tree house.  Being part of a secret club, that is separate  from the world.  I know my brothers and my childhood tree house still holds a dear place in my heart.  (The knowledge that it no longer stands brings a tear to my eye.)  The challenge of creating a perfect house with all the right dynamic parts for a child, and the idea that it is embodied in a specific perfect tree is wonderful.  Even better is the knowledge that it is home to inspiring imagination and love of the great outdoors.  I feel this is the starting point of why man wished to join the birds in the sky.  To live and thrive above all the rest and truly sore in the clouds.  

This is the first I am afraid of many tree house drawings to come. As well as the first version of the drawing above, I am hoping to add some green leaves to give a little more depth of field.  (Pictures to come later if successful.)  I had a great need to create a tree house village so that each home would look as different as any "normal neighborhood" that rest safely on the ground.  I had a lot of fun playing with different architectural styles, using some of my formal design training. 

Technical details:  ink pen on white printing paper.

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