June 11, 2015


An artist that I follow Gavin Aung posted http://zenpencils.com/comic/atena/ today and brought to my attention the plight that Atena a Iranian woman and artist is undergoing. I can't even start to imagine having all my rights striped away from me and barred from as these women. Atena is stronger and braver than I can ever comprehend and maybe that is because so many American woman have already fought and continue to stand in the fight for equality, choice and freedom of voice. I can only hope that my drawing can join the thongs of others to offer support to my fellow artist who is being beaten by those who don't want to or worst can't understand there fellow country woman. I know that her life has been upturned and she will never be the same person that had innocently placed a political caricature on Facebook about a ruling that was undergoing in her country that would continue to limit her and fellow women status in there culture and daily lives.

This is for you Atena Farghadani.

Details; Pen and Ink pen drawing

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